a utility to manage .new system configuration files in slackware

dotnew is a utility to help with the management of .new system configuration files in slackware and slackware based distributions. dotnew includes both graphical and console user interfaces. The graphical version is written in python and is using the GTK+2 toolkit. The console version uses dialog menus to present the user with a menu for each new configuration file present in his system. Using both versions the user is allowed to:

Using the GTK+2 version, you can also:

The dotnew interface is currently available in several different languages. dotnew is being translated using Transifex. You can check the available languages and their status for the latest development version of dotnew in the following graph:

Top translations: dotnew ยป trunk

If you would like to have dotnew translated in your language, or contribute to an already existing translation, you can register an account with Transifex. If a translation is already present but incomplete, you can just edit and submit that translation using the Transifex web interface. If files for your language are not already included, you can download the .pot file from the Transifex dotnew project page and use it as a template for creating a .po file for your language. poedit is a nice tool to help you with translating your files locally.


dotnew using the GTK+2 interface (in English):

dotnew using a dialog interface (in Greek):


The latest version of dotnew is 1.0.3.

You can clone the latest code from github with:

git clone git://

Or visit the github project page


George Vlahavas (vlahavas~at~gmail~dot~com)

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